What's inside a Hygge By Post parcel?

We won't divulge everything and spoil the surprise! But we can tell you this...

~Founding Members Receive~

~A Unique Bonus Item in their First, Limited Edition Package -Additional Seasonal Raffle Entries, (the first raffle is slated for winter 2017.) 

~Exclusive Early Access to Unique Items, Give-Aways, & Special Bonus Gifts.

~Glimpses of Upcoming Monthly Themes, Hygge Inspiration & Community, Behind The Scenes Info, & More!  

~Each Month All Members Receive~

~4 to 7 Items, Each one hand crafted, vintage, or limited edition. All handpicked and wrapped with care.


~Unique Boxes Every Month - rarely will every box contain the same items. The opening of your monthly Hygge by Post box will be unlike any other! 

~Offerings will include vintage items, delectable artisan treats, unique home goods, hand crafted jewelry, inspirational graphics and writings and much more - each selected to enhance the creativity, spirit, body, and mind. 


~Intriguing Monthly Themes focusing on one of the Seven Realms of Life* - The Hearth, Spirit, Life of The Mind, Body, The Muses, Fellowship, & The Wide, Wild World - as well as the passing seasons. Helping heighten your embracing the simple joys of life found in the quietest moments. 

~ Fortælling:  a continuing, original tale filled with bits of mystical mystery. Inspiring your Taking Hygge during everyday life, helping motivate your bringing it along throughout your travels in the Wide, Wild World. 

~Exclusive, Early-Bird access to the Hygge Buttik ("bue - teak" - our Hygge Shop!) A growing collection of vintage and hand designed home collectibles, inspirational and self-actualization writings, artisan crafted jewelry and self-care products, small batch delicacies, seasonal items, art prints, inspirational graphics, and more! 

~Private access to Hyggelig Fyr, a place of fellowship & inspiration