A bit about Hygge By Post

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I'm Lisa,

mom of five busy kids, writer, designer, and lifelong Hygge addict.  

Annnnd...this is the point where someone inevitably asks "What'd you say - hue-gah? What's that?" 

(Because I'm neither Danish or Norwegian, but from the US, where it seems a lot of people have yet to hear of hygge. Though I know for certain it's something with which they're well acquainted!) 

Some have said hygge is "the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming." Some use the words cozy or truly relaxed. But it's more than that. I think Hygge is an innate human feeling, one spanning culture or time. A primal need really, of comfort,  unhurried ease, and connection - with yourself as well as others. That "Yes, of course I have other things to do but this isn't their time. This moment is so right - happy, easy feeling and just plain good, I think I'll stay put!"  

The sense of comfortable belonging and simple pleasure all too few us experience in these days of instant, overwhelming information and so called communication.  Hygge is true communication. With others as well as with yourself.  

And though the word Hygge is Danish, (well - some have said Norwegian...), and there has been a bit of controversy over exactly how it's pronounced, I believe it is an innate, very human feeling felt by each of us the world over.  

(Though I do very much thank the Danes, or the Norwegians, or whoever first coined the word itself. I must admit I like the sound of it in each of its pronunciations, and find the letters of the word itself quite pleasing to the eye.)  

And of course a feeling cannot limited to Nordic countries or wintertime - Hygge is easily embraceable all over the world and throughout the year. It's much more than feasting by the fire, or lighting a candle, or snuggling deep in a thick blanket to watch the snow fall, a mug of some steamy something in hand - though all of these are beautiful examples of Hygge, and among some of my own favorite joys.  

Each of Hygge By Post's monthly themes is designed to help you embrace Hygge in your life, while recognizing the universal need of Hygge throughout the world and indeed, time. To encourage your setting aside a bit of your day - every day if you're at all able - to simply Be.  

And when your Hygge By Post box arrives, I hope you'll take time to taste, smell, touch, or allow your mind to examine and wonder over each of the items you've received.  

Hygge has honestly been a life saver for me more than once - many, many times really. I can't imagine existing without its simple, calm, unhurried presence in my life. That easy, "set aside" time in which to recharge and reconnect with myself, my people, and the natural world around me. I sincerely hope Hygge By Post helps you to do the same. 

No - one can't purchase happiness, joy doesn't come wrapped in a box - but our Hygge parcels can, and will, most certainly inspire and encourage you to slow down, breathe deep and easy, and Take Hygge!