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(Photos of Deluxe & Hyggeligt Hug Coming ASAP!)

Hygge By Post Parcel

"hue-gah": comfort, relaxed, fellowship; the cozy savoring of life's simple pleasures. Hygge - Tricky Word, Familiar Feeling! Each month Hygge By Post will arrive at your door, bringing a carefully curated selection of vintage, limited-edition, or handcrafted artisan items - each box unique and designed around a new, delightful monthly theme. All chosen to inspire your embracement of Hygge's simple joys throughout each of the Seven Realms of Life: The Hearth, Spirit, The Life of the Mind, Body, The Muses, Fellowship, and the Wide, Wild World.

Hygge By Post Deluxe

A Truly Hyggeligt Experience! Our Deluxe Box features all our Hygge By Post Parcel does and more! Personally curated & artisan Hygge joy - chosen with just your requests in mind. Indulge yourself or present a friend with a personally designed gift they'll not soon forget!

A Hyggeligt Hug

A 'lil hug - inspired by our Hygge Parcel & Deluxe Hygge By Post Parcel. (Their little brother if you will! )Treat yourself or a friend to a taste of cozy, inspiration, comfort, & joy!

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